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Legion Ventures ICO: Democratizing Investments with $13M

Legion Ventures ICO: Democratizing Investments with $13M

Legion Ventures ICO: Democratizing Investments with $13M

Quick Overview

  • Established in 2021, Legion Ventures aims to democratize early-stage investments using Web3 technology, making investment opportunities accessible to all.
  • Over 160 investments worth nearly $13 million, with $9 million distributed. User base exceeds 14,300, with a significant social media presence and community engagement.
  • Notable investments include Peaq Network, Sei, LayerZero, Celestia, and, demonstrating their knack for identifying high-potential projects.
  • The LEGION token, with a total supply of 1 billion and a market cap of $415,000, offers utilities like exclusive investment access, passive income, discounted fees, staking rewards, and a token-burning mechanism.
  • Upcoming IDO rounds, public sales, and the Token Generation Event (TGE) planned for mid-2024, highlighting continued growth and community involvement.

Founded in 2021, Legion Ventures is making waves in the investment world by blending cutting-edge Web3 principles with a mission to democratize access to early-stage investments. With a solid vision of a world where everyone can invest equally, Legion Ventures is creating a transformative shift from traditional investment practices.

Legion Ventures’s Mission and Vision

Legion Ventures aims to open the doors to early-stage investments, traditionally reserved for venture capital giants, to retail investors.  Moreover, their mission focuses on harnessing collective intelligence and elevating investment and educational standards through Web3 technology. The platform’s vision is clear: an inclusive investment landscape where opportunities are accessible to all.

Achievements: $13M Deployed and $9M Distributed in 160+ Investments

Legion Ventures has already made significant strides since its inception. Since starting in 2021, they have made over 160 investments, deploying nearly $13 million and distributing over $9 million. Furthermore, their user base has grown to more than 14,300, showcasing the platform’s popularity and trust among investors. The community fund generated over $100,000, with OTC trading volume exceeding $130,000. On social media, they boast 77,000+ Twitter followers, achieving 17.3 million post impressions. Additionally, they have airdropped over $600,000 worth of $LEGION tokens as community incentives.

Notable Investments: Peaq Network to LayerZero

The company has backed several high-profile projects, including Peaq Network, valued at $50 million, and Sei, valued at $400 million. They have also invested in LayerZero and Celestia, each valued at $2.5 billion, and, valued at $150 million. These investments highlight the platform’s ability to identify and support promising projects in the blockchain and tech sectors.

LEGION Token: $415K Market Cap & $10M Valuation

LEGION Token: $415K Market Cap & $10M Valuation

The LEGION token is central to the platform’s ecosystem. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens and an initial market cap of $415,000, LEGION provides various utilities. These include exclusive access to top-tier investment opportunities, passive income through automatic revenue sharing, discounted fees on OTC deals, staking rewards, and a continuous token-burning mechanism funded by OTC fees. The fully diluted valuation stands at $10 million, illustrating the token’s potential value.

June 2024 Token Sales: $0.01 Each, $200K Goal

Exciting times lie ahead for Legion Ventures, with multiple IDO rounds scheduled. The public sale on Finceptor is set for June 13-15, 2024, with a goal of raising $200,000. Simultaneously, an active public sale on Ordify is running from June 11-13, 2024. Both sales offer tokens at $0.01 each, with varying lockup periods to ensure stability and investor confidence. The team plans to start the Token Generation Event (TGE) and distribution in Q3 2024. That marks another milestone in the roadmap.

Major Crypto Partnerships: Binance Labs to Sequoia

Legion Ventures has garnered support from major players in the crypto space, including Binance Labs, a16z, Animoca, Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, and Sequoia. These partnerships underline the platform’s credibility and potential for long-term success. Impressively, 90% of their NFT holders are original owners, reflecting strong community support and loyalty.

Legion Ventures ICO stands at the forefront of democratizing early-stage investment through Web3 technology. With a robust platform, impressive achievements, notable investments, and strong community backing, this project seems poised to reshape the investment landscape.

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