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India’s Equity Market Share Hits Record High in 2024


India’s Equity Market Share Hits Record High in 2024

Quick Look:

  • India’s global equity market share reaches a record quarterly high in 2024.
  • Hyundai Motor’s unit gears up for a landmark $3 billion IPO.
  • A paucity of deals in Asia, coupled with high global interest rates and geopolitical tensions.

In the labyrinth of global financial markets, India’s equity market has emerged as a beacon of opportunity, casting a wide net to capture the interest of international investors. With a formidable pipeline of large block trades and listings, India is setting the stage for an investment renaissance. This surge in activity underlines the country’s growing prominence and signifies a shift in global equity capital market dynamics, especially amidst a paucity of deals in Asian territories.

A Resilient Market in a Challenging Global Environment

The landscape of equity dealmaking in Asia has faced its share of trials, with higher global interest rates, geopolitical unrest, and economic slowdowns casting long shadows. Particularly, China’s strategic move to curb initial public offerings (IPOs) to bolster its secondary markets has further dampened the spirits.

However, amidst this turmoil, India stands tall. It has clinched its position as the world’s second busiest equity capital market (ECM) deals market.

Furthermore, Indian companies have made an extraordinary leap. They raised $2.3 billion through IPOs in the first quarter of 2024. This marks a more than twelvefold increase from the previous year. Consequently, this meteoric rise has propelled India to account for over 10% of the global ECM deal share. This record-setting achievement underscores the nation’s burgeoning market potential.

Unveiling a Future of Billion-Dollar Listings

The ECM landscape in India is abuzz with activity. It boasts an unprecedented pipeline that highlights the country’s maturing market. “The pipeline and activity level has never been as big or as busy,” remarked Rahul Saraf, Citigroup’s India head of investment banking. Furthermore, he noted, “We are seeing many more billion-dollar-plus transactions; it’s unbelievable.” This optimism isn’t isolated. In fact, the National Stock Exchange has emerged as the third most active listing venue globally in the first quarter.

Additionally, the depth of India’s potential is showcased by the forthcoming listing of Hyundai Motor’s India unit. This event is set to be the country’s largest-ever IPO. Moreover, this landmark deal, along with others like the $1 billion IPO of Vishal Mega Mart, underscores the increasing scale and sophistication of Indian issuers.

India’s Rising Star in the Global Investment Landscape

In the current global financial ecosystem, marked by uncertainty and shifting dynamics, India offers a compelling proposition for investors. The unique combination of a robust pipeline with high-value deals positions India as a preferred destination for capital flows. As Sumeet Singh, Aequitas Research director, points out, “the size of the deals is getting larger.”

The anticipation of India’s general elections further bolsters this narrative, adding strategic timing for potential listings. Citigroup, leading the league table for Indian ECM activity, positions the country to redefine its role in the global investment landscape. It offers investors a promising avenue for seeking growth, diversity, and resilience.

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